Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simply Smoking Good Summer Meal

Copper River Salmon & Local Asparagus on Cedar Plank

I tried many times to feel the love for salmon, but it always had a weird, dirty aftertaste, and I just couldn't get into it.  I decided to give it one more shot when the Copper River Salmon started arriving in stores.  Oh my - what a revelation!  It's delicious!

I first tried it a week or so ago, and sought suggestions from my salmon loving friends.  I ended up drizzling it with olive oil, topping it with some chopped garlic and fresh herbs, and baking it in a foil packet.

This week it was time to find the cedar planks someone had gifted me many moons ago, that had luckily not made it to the yard sale pile yet. (I swear it looks like I am auditioning for Hoarders; can't wait to get this stuff out of here).

I hit the West Side Market for the first time in a long while on Friday.  It was nice to see the smiling faces and chat with my favorite vendors, including the Kate's Fish Crew, where I got this lovely piece of Copper River Sockeye, and Basketeria, where I scored the last of the local organic asparagus. 

I decided to go with a Lemon, Vodka, Dill Marinade from Diane Morgan's Grill Every Day: 125 Fast-Track Recipes for Weeknights at the Grill.  I tossed the asparagus in too since there was plenty of marinade.

Here is a video of Diane making the recipe (I did mine directly over the burner at medium heat; she uses indirect heat in the video.  My plank was thin, but can be reused):

Earlier this week I picked four heaping quarts of local (as in a mile from my house) strawberries at Boughton Farms.  The strawberry aroma in that field on a warm, sunny day was just amazing.  Fresh strawberries call for shortcakes, don't they?

I decided on this Sweet Corn Shortcake recipe from Midwest Living.  I didn't bother doing anything to the berries other than than rinsing, hulling, and slicing.  I used dried buttermilk powder, reconstituted, and 2% Snowville Creamery milk.  I only managed to get nine, not the dozen called for, when I spooned them onto a parchment lined sheet.

I really loved the crunch the cornmeal provided, plus they were light and a perfect complement to the sweet berries.  I also skipped the whipped cream and just ate more berries.  Ok, and another shortcake.

Sweet Corn Shortcake & Fresh, Local Strawberries

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  1. Wow, that sounds great! I don't have any cedar planks but will be trying it out this summer!


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