Sunday, May 8, 2011

Field Trip: Local Roots Market & Cafe

Local Roots Market & Cafe, Wooster, OH

I've been wanting to visit the Local Roots Market in Wooster for awhile, and this weekend I finally headed south to check it out.  Local Roots is a co-op (although you do not have to be a member to make purchases) which connects local food producers with consumers, and is a lot like a year round farmers market.  

In addition to local foods, like this impressive display of syrups (I bought the Lemon Verbena), there is also a station for food demos, an area for live music performances, and they are currently expanding the cafe for on-site dining.

Local Syrup
On a lower floor was a nice selection of live plants (I loved the stamped labels on these), as well as  handcrafted pottery and other items for sale. 

Fresh Herb Plants for Sale

There was a nice selection of baked goods, natural meats, handmade noodles, and jams & jellies.  The fresh produce selection was reflective of the early spring offerings - ramps, stinging nettles, rhubarb, and some greens.  Each producer's station has a nice placard with their photo and information about them, which I thought was a nice touch.

Stinging Nettle
It's easy to find in downtown Wooster, the storefront is across the street from the library.  There is on street parking, plus parking in the rear (look for the large carrots painted in the spots). 

It's behind The Everything Rubbermaid Store, which you can walk to, and a short walk to a nice new kitchen store, Today's Kitchen Store, which is across the street from Rubbermaid. 

Everything Rubbermaid Store

Plastic Paradise

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