Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chrome Dome Chicken

In the count down to chemo, much guidance is provided on what to eat (and what not to eat).  Greasy, fried, spicy, and ice cream are not recommended, nor is it advised that you should eat all of your favorites prior to treatment, lest you develop an aversion.  (Think about the last time you vomited; you thought twice about eating that meal again, didn't you?  Let me just say, it's been over twenty years since I've had a spinach salad with hot bacon dressing (!) )

I've got the freezer stocked with plenty of benign ready to heat meals.  It was kind of nice once to cook up a storm and then get to keep the food, rather than leaving it neatly labeled and stacked in a client's freezer.

Last night I was in the mood for a good old roast chicken with vegetables.  I made a quick stop at Mustard Seed Market for an organic bird, and foraged the veggies from the fridge, including these carrots that I grew myself.  (My first carrot crop of any note). One of them is called Atomic Red.

Home Grown Carrots

I really wanted to do Michael Symon's Roast Chicken recipe from Michael Symon's Live to Cook: Recipes and Techniques to Rock Your Kitchen, but despite wasting about 20 minutes surveying all of my bookcases, I never managed to turn up the book, and searching for on the internet didn't turn it up either.  Thought it would make a nice tribute to our matching haircuts. (See my trip down Follicle Lane, if you haven't already. Note my current resemblance to both Chef Symon, and the above chicken).

So armed with the vague memory that his version calls for shoving a lemon in the cavity, a handful of chopped garlic and some fresh rosemary and thyme, my version, The Chrome Dome Chicken, was born.

I wanted to do an herb butter under the skin and give it a good rub on the top.  That's when I had a head smacking, Why Didn't I Think of That' sooner idea.  As I piled the rosemary, thyme leaves, and garlic on the board, and added some kosher salt, and started to chop it all together, I decided to slice off a couple of chunks of cold butter and throw it in the pile.

Herb Butter Gremolata!  Rather than softening the butter, chopping the herbs, then the garlic, then adding to the butter and seasoning it, my lazy chrome dome said 'Do it all together!".  The beauty of it, in addition to the simplicity, is that the chopping warms the butter, without making a melted mess.

I loosened the skin and rubbed most of this on the breasts, and rubbed a little over the veggies.  I gave those a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil as well.  The organic birds don't have as much greasy fat when you roast them as conventional ones do.

It smelled so good when it was roasting.  And it was delicious too!

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  1. You've made me hungry again!
    And for what it's worth, I never vomited even slightly when I went through chemo and have no aversion to any foods at all following it. Your taste buds get shot to hell though, so finding anything delicious is not easy. My only "recipe" recommendation for you is Jack in The Box fruit smoothies. The right texture, cooling on your mouth, and we can pretend it's healthy.
    And suddenly, I want a roast chicken.


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