Friday, November 12, 2010

When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go Shopping....

Jake breaking in my new throw
I have been preparing for my transition from cancer host to cancer fighter with all the zeal of Martha herself preparing for house arrest.  I've indulged in more 'retail therapy' in the last few weeks than I probably have all year. There is a certain sense of "You can't take it with you!" which you can use to justify nearly any purchase.

First up, the practical.  I knew from a friend that had breast surgery, that some pjs and shirts that buttoned vs. having to be pulled overhead were a must.  Which of course I didn't own, but thanks to a Kohls coupon and the JC Penney clearance rack, my formerly ratty pajama collection was instantly upgraded, and I added a tunic that I guarantee will make me look like a cross between Ina Garten and my mother.  I promised my stylists, the lovely Susan and Betsey, of Shop Your Closet, that I would not purchase or wear leggings (!), or heaven forbid jeggings, whatever they heck they are.

Next up the hats, aka known as my new hair.  Target proved to be fertile ground for this hunt, and I picked up a few there.  Finding 'diva' green ones proved to be a little more difficult, but Whole Foods, of all places, had a couple, including a really soft one made from recycled bottle caps, which were ridiculously priced, as is nearly everything in Whole Paycheck, but I don't have time to be picky.  Finally, the hat in the photo was selected by a friend as were cruising the new Charming Charlie store at Legacy Village. The pin, which is absolutely gorgeous green glass, is courtesy of my BFF from a tag sale.

More green things followed.  The ultra soft throw that my ancient cat Jake decided to adopt as soon as I put it on my recliner.  This new tea kettle:

A few more cookbooks for the collection, because clearly I don't have enough.  This photo is by the talented Shane Wynn and is in the Akron Life and Leisure feature on me in the November issue on the newstands now.  For the record this is about half of my collection - there is another bookcase this size in the dining room.

Then the electronics.  I felt a little cheated when I finally broke down and bought an iPod touch earlier this year and I got one with my Amazon credit card points - the DAY BEFORE they announced the new model.  I sucked it up and loaded my 400 or so CDs on it, and it's great because I can hook it up in the new car.  So I got over that cheated feeling, by getting an iPad.  Now I figure I something no one wants (cancer) and something everyone wants (iPad). 

And I upgraded my cell phone, so I am now a WiFi hotspot, and if lost (me and/or the phone), can be located within 10' via satellite.  The nice young man at the Verizon store, who probably felt sorry for me because I reminded him of his mom, spent three hours with me setting it up.  And it still took me a couple of days to figure out how to answer it. My Top Chef Bacon, Bacon, Bacon ring tone cracks me up every time.

I completed a personal chef service for one of my regulars this week, then I removed the business window graphic from my car window, and officially put my business on pause for the duration.  The shopping kind of took a bit of the sting out of that reality.  Kind of.


  1. Love your ring tone!

  2. Another wardrobe must (to keep that retail therapy going!): in chemo you will be cold...then hot...then cold...and then likely cold again. And you are hooked up to an IV tube. So you will need wraps (no sleeves) that can easily be taken on and off as you adjust temperature. You'll need them in green of course.

    And wow I love that book collection!

  3. Thanks for the tip Teresa! I did get a huge scarf that is practically a mini afghan, and I do happen to have a couple of green wraps :-)


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