Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gadget Love: Potato & Garlic Storage Bags

Potato & Garlic Storage Sacks

It's probably happened to you.  You enter your kitchen and are assaulted by the foulest odor imaginable.  You follow your nose and discover that in some hidden spot, an ancient potato has gone very, very, very bad.   If I lived the rest of my life without smelling a rotten potato again,  it would make me pretty happy. 

The potatoes have been plentiful in my CSA this season.  Last year, I managed to winter over some of them - I was still enjoying those potatoes in February.  So I was pretty excited when I found these Potato and Garlic Storage Sacks at Crate and Barrel. 

The potato version holds up to 8 pounds, and the smaller one, which will probably house shallots, holds two pounds.  Hmmm, should have gotten two of the smaller ones so I'd have one for garlic and one for shallots.

The sacks will keep them in the dark so they are less likely to sprout, and linen allows them to breathe.  There is a sturdy hanging hook, and drawstrings at the top for loading, and the bottom for unloading.  It's a built in first in, first out system, which should prevent the stinky potato surprise.

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  1. Great idea Tami! I need some of these for potatoes, shallots and onions which are in a bin in my pantry but invariably there is one that hides in the bottom and gets nasty!


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