Friday, August 27, 2010

Butterflies, Spiders, & Snakes: Private Garden Tour

Back to School - Fish in Water Feature

Unless you are very lucky, odds are you will never see one of the most stunning gardens in the area.  I've worked for this client for several years, and it's always a pleasure to drive up and take in the beauty.  Until this week, I had never really walked around and realized just how much there is to see and appreciate.  So enjoy this little tour of some shots I took on my walk.

Column Planters
A few of the lush column planters.  See more about the support planters, and purchase your own from the Kinsman Company.

Striped Dahlia

Layers of color on a partially shaded hillside
Hairy Balls Plant
Happy Buttefly
Resting Kitty
Garden Spider waiting for lunch
Spot to relax and reflect

Monarch Butterfly
Rubber duckies in the fountain
The Blue Man
My Favorite Feature - Fence Post Ladies
The Four Ladies guarding the driveway
Snake catching some rays

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