Tuesday, July 13, 2010

File It!

I have spent many snowy, winter hours carefully cataloging recipes I put on my personal chef client menus, want to try, favorites, etc. into software programs only to have them crash and eat all of my hard work.  (Mastercook in particular wasted about 2,000 recipes worth of my time).

So I as un-eco-friendly as it is, I have my clippings, print-outs and other scribbles filed by ingredient, with some sub filing for cuisine, canning, making cheese; whatever makes sense and I can remember what I filed it under.

However, the files long ago outgrew the tiny two drawer cabinet I bought a Target, along with some baskets I hung some of the files in.  It was driving me nuts trying to find the files, which weren't exactly in alpha order.

So my neighbor put an old filing cabinet on the curb.  A little beat up, and missing the folder racks.

So:  Filing Cabinet curb-shopped from the neighbor:  Free

Can of Diva Green Spray Paint to de-ugly it:  $3

4 packages of new rails from Office Max:  $70 (is that the biggest rip-off you've ever heard of for a couple of pieces of cheap metal with screws in it?  Uh-huh. But I was in too deep by then, but yes, I was thinking you could have bought a used filing cabinet with $70 with rails in it!)

Finally getting all of my recipe files in one place, in order:  Priceless

And while I was at,  I Diva-fied my shopping cart.  My West Side Market friends are gonna get a kick out of this:


  1. as do we all get a kick out of the Diva-licious green! Lord help us if you start liking pink!!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one still keeping my recipes in file drawers! LOL. Happy Cooking!


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