Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I Got at the All-Clad Factory Sale June 2010

My first summer sale!  Hot and muggy, but an orderly outdoor line to get in that I waited in about 45 minutes.  Girl Scouts had a snack stand - nabbed a pepperoni roll and a water while waiting.

What I went for was that deep shiny, NOT, non-stick roasting pan.  The non-stick rack was a $12 optional purchase that fits in most of the roasting pans.  The shallow roaster was more expensive, but I went for it.

Some how in my saucepan collecting, the 2 quart shown above, hadn't yet made it home with me.  This time it did - $60.

I was going to get the 9" french skillet in stainless.  In the checkout line they had the duo with an 11" of the new d5 - so I swapped out and got both.  They also had nice marble cheese boards for $5 - got 2.

On a funny note, the clerk that took my credit card at the check-out looked at me and said "Hey, I was on your website this morning".  I told her about 1,000 people a month stop by looking for info on the All-Clad sale.  

Worth the drive, worth the wait.  I want to roast a turkey every day now - LOL.

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