Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gluten-Free: Quinoa Risotto with Spring Vegetables

Quinoa Risotto with Spring Vegetables - from Scot Jones of Vegeterranean, Akron

4 Servings (easily adjusted for more, use an additional skillet)

2 T. Smart Balance Spread
1 cup of asparagus, cleaned and cut into 1" pieces (feel free to sub your favorite veg)
1 cup of leeks, white and light green parts only, cleaned and sliced
1/2 c. sun-dried tomatoes in oil
1 medium shallot, minced
2 medium cloves of garlic, minced
1 t. fresh thyme, minced
1 c. wild mixed mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper
2 T. Sherry
1/2 c. gluten-free vegetable stock, warmed (keep at least a cup in a small saucepan on the stove)
1 c. cashew cream
2 cups of cooked white quinoa
2  T. Parma! Vegan Parmesan

Sauteed Ramps, Roasted Baby Carrots, and Basil Olive Oil for garnish

Heat large skillet (10-12") over medium high heat and melt Smart Balance.  Add vegetables, shallot, garlic, thyme, and season with salt and pepper.  Saute a minute or two, then add wild mushrooms and continue to saute several minutes until vegetables are crisp tender.

Remove pan from flame and add Sherry.  Return to heat and cook of the alcohol for a minute or two.  Stir in warmed stock, then cashew cream.  Simmer for a few minutes - sauce will begin to reduce and thicken.  Add quinoa, and Vegan parmesan, and toss o stir to combine.  Add more stock if necessary to moisten.

Serve in pasta bowl or plate, garnish with basil flavored olive oil and sauteed ramps (Smart Balance + Salt & Pepper)  and roasted baby carrots. (No ramps - use regular or garlic chives)

*I adapted Scot's recipe for home use and all measurements are approximate - feel free to adjust any ingredient up or down to suit your taste - remember recipes are just guides ;-)

This is just one of the tasty, gluten-free, vegan recipes served and demonstrated by Chef Scot Jones of Vegi Terranean Restaurant for the Greater Cleveland Celiac Association on Sunday, April 18th.

The menu also included the restaurant's delicious Tomato Artichoke Bisque, and a beautiful, tasty Beet Carpaccio Salad - with shaved celery root with tofu ricotta and lemon truffle vinaigrette.  Here is a shot of the salad, including some of the awesome micro greens from Chef's Garden.

Dessert was a delicious chocolate torte with a berry compote.

Chef Scot did a show and tell on newly available, and upcoming gluten-free products, let the guests sample some unfamiliar ingredients, then explained how to make the risotto while I demonstrated.

The Vegi Terranean sous chefs were participating in the Vegan Iron Chef competition across town, in Kent, and Chef Scot was scheduled to be there, so he headed there as soon as the demo was complete, and I took over the kitchen duties.

Word has it that team Vegi Terranean won the Iron Chef event - Congratulations! 

Gluten-free lifestyle?  Don't forget that Vegi Terranean takes it very seriously.  You'll be able to get a fabulous meal that is completely gluten-free, including bread service.

Be sure and visit during Art Walk as well.  Held the first Saturday of the month except July.  Sign up for my friends Claudia and Michael's e-mail list from Zeber-Martell Clay Studio (located next door to the restaurant), and you'll get reminders for Art Walk.

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