Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gadget Love: Stretch-Tite Wrap 'N Snap 7500

The day a friend turned me on to Stretch-Tite, marked a turning point in my relationship with plastic wraps.  I've pondered when and how the supermarket wraps went from sticking to everything, but mostly itself, and it's packaging, to not sticking to anything.  It seems like the manufacturers went from making quality plastic wraps to cranking out bags in all sizes and varieties, and forgot that good old plastic wrap, still holds a special place in the kitchen.

I've also wrestled with the giant commercial size boxes, sometimes with embarrassing and unsuccessful results.  There are metal cutters, cardboard cutters, and plastic sliders, but get a 15" or wider, wrap in a twist, and even the most patient person can start to get a little crazy.  And I am not the most patient person.

Enter the Stetch-Tite Wrap 'N Snap 7500.  That just sounds like a high tech piece of equipment.  The website description reads: "Simply close the lid and release ... film is cut tangle free ... end is ready for the next use.  The Stretch-Tite WRAP'N SNAP will surely leave you satisfied."  How could I pass up that kind of promise?

Perhaps it's a sad testament to my need to get a life, but when the box arrived on the porch, AND they threw in a free box of Stretch-Tite, my heart sang a little.  I ordered a box of Freeeze-Tite, but haven't yet put it to the test.

I put the new box in the Wrap 'N Snap, and it does indeed perform as promised.  The stabilizing rubber feet keep it level and happy on the countertop while you pull the wrap out to cover your item. A quick push on the lid, and presto the wrap cuts cleanly and releases.  No more pulling out a partially stuck to the roll piece, disassembling the package, wasting product evening up, muttering, swearing, etc.

Locally, BJ's Wholesale sells Stretch-Tite in 2 packs.  I highly recommend seeking it out; once you've tried it, you'll never go back to the stuff that doesn't do what it's supposed to.  And spring for the Wrap 'N Snap if you can.  You can order it through their website.  It will indeed leave you surely satisfied.


  1. So what do I need to get rid of from my counter tops to accommodate a new toy? By the way, I don't think you need a life, it's all about priorities! Fresh food is what it's all about!

  2. Mine is currently living on top of my bread box - but you could still tuck it away in a cupboard or drawer until you need it.

    Fresh food rocks!


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