Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Kitchen - I Got You a Backsplash.

One year ago this week, my kitchen was transformed with cabinets made out of actual wood, custom storage (designed by me), and the most beautiful slab of granite I've ever seen.  We've had a good year together; cooking in this space is pure pleasure.  

But the back splash, wasn't a commitment I was ready to make at the time.  I knew I didn't want it to compete with the granite.  I told the contractor to just get some plain, flat black tile.  Because I knew if I went to the wholesale tile store that I would be drawn like a moth to a flame to the most expensive tile in the joint.  He went to order the tile, looked around, and told me I really needed to go check out the options before I made up mind.  Obviously I put it off.  

A few weeks ago, it was time.  Especially around the sink, the paint was starting to get grungy.  So I sucked it up and made an appointment at the tile store.  I'd picked out something plain and reasonably priced when the sales person got called away to a phone call.  In the 20 minutes she was gone,  the shiny ($$$), pretty glass tiles pulled into the lead.  The colors, olive oil (green) and caramel sundae, matched the colors in the granite perfectly.

The tiles come in many different sizes, including a couple of patterned sheets of various small ones, that was pretty cool.  And pretty expensive.  

An $80 special diamond saw blade is required to cut them.  You also need a skilled contractor, because there can't be any cut edges showing.

On the range side, I only wanted a single row.  When the spice racks and lazy susans are back in place, you can't see much of this wall anyway.  Turns out, about 5 tiles short, so I chose to leave this edge off and use the tile behind the coffee pot.  

Ironically, I am pretty sure I brought home a sample of the identical glass tiles from Canton Cut Stone when I went to lay out my granite slab.  It was worth the wait.

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