Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blog Updates: New Domain Name, Follow Me & Comment

I've changed my domain name for the blog to - please update your bookmark.

I've also added a followers gadget on the right column - I know you're out there, so I'd love it you add yourself to the followers.

Finally, I have changed the format for leaving comments.  You may now comment without having to sign-in to another program.  Click on Comments, leave your comment, then click down on the drop box to anonymous.  Please write your name in the comment though.  I moderate all comments because every once in awhile there is one that is completely inappropriate.

Thanks for reading.  I'd love to count you as a follower and look forward to your comments.

Cheers!  Tami

1 comment:

  1. Tammi, I enjoy reading your blog. I love the look of yours too. I use blogspot for mine, but have no idea how to make my back ground look anything like yours. I just use one of there templates


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