Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time to Lighten Up

Winter has officially arrived in Northeast Ohio.  I've gotten at least 8" of snow the last few days, and more is predicted over the next ten days.   And it's really cold - wind chills around the negative numbers this morning.

I am looking forward to getting back on my regular gym schedule.  When it's this cold though, it's really hard to think about eating anything but warm, comforting food.

I was craving chili yesterday while I gave the shovel another workout in the driveway. Although on another, funny note, I awoke to the sounds of someone shoveling my driveway.  My sister spent the night and her truck was in the driveway, covered in about 4" of snow.  I fired my plow guy a few years ago - at nearly $45 a push, it got to be a little ridiculous. He was plowing across the street and must have sent his sidekick ahead.  Unfortunately, sidekick was one house off.  He got the porch and in front of the garage before the plow guy yelled at him that he was at the wrong house.

Anyway, back to chili.  Simply Recipes to the rescue with this delicious sounding Chili con Carne.  Chili with beef chuck browned in bacon?  Sounds good to me!  I got a late start due to an afternoon nap, but chili is better the next day anyway.  It's got a kick to it, so I was looking for cooling salad.

I had the recipe for the Celery Salad with Orange on the frig from a copy of Everyday Food.  I think it was in the June issue, but the ingredients, to me, seem more seasonal now.  So celery for crunch, orange, including zest for acid, olives for salt, plus red onion garbanzos, and fresh parsley make for an interesting combination.  We'll see how it is after it hangs in the frig for awhile.  My gut tells me a little sherry vinegar might make it even better.

And continuing my anti-gadget/multi-tasker thinking, although yes, I did buy this Progressive International Herb Keeper and I even used it for awhile, the lazy in me prefers to use a drinking glass and a food storage bag.  I keep parsley and cilantro this way for weeks (sometimes nearly a month) this way.  Just trim the bottoms when you first put it in and change the water occasionally. (or come buy my herb keeper at the next garage sale).

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