Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soups On! Empty Bowl Project 2010

I am honored to be participating in this year's Empty Bowl Project alongside some very talented chefs. We'll be filling the beautiful bowls made by my friends at Zeber-Martell Clay Studio with a selection of soups.  The event sold out in record time, with all of the proceeds benefiting The Good Samaritan Hunger Center.

This year's bowls are absolutely beautiful.  They have a different glaze and slightly different shape than last year's.  I know because I got mine early, and today I started testing out some soup recipes.  These bowls are like jewelry for your food.

Sticking to the Cook What You've Got Challenge, I was able to test out two vegetable based recipes today.  First I tested a Corn and Butternut Squash Chowder recipe from Everyday Food magazine.  I had the squash from the last (December) farmer's market, and the corn was from the stash I froze last summer.  I skipped the heavy cream; most of the time it doesn't add that much to a partially pureed soup for me except calories.

I did however finish it with a unique twist - a drizzle of the Butternut Squash Seed Oil I picked up in Finger Lakes on vacation.  It's really nutty and delicious.  I also sprinkled a few pepitas on top.  (I saved the butternut seeds and rinsed them, and plan to roast them).


I also made a batch of Broccoli, Red Pepper, and Cheddar Chowder.  I liked the recipe because it used the broccoli stems as well as the florets.  It was challenge compliant because I still have a stash of Adams Reserve Cheddar from winning the Cheddar Challenge.  

I didn't follow the recipe exactly.  I didn't cook the florets separately, I just tossed them in at the end with the cheese, and I used an opened carton of organic chicken stock, plus some water.

I also seasoned with a little Penzey's Mural of Flavor.   It tastes awesome, but I have to say it came out a rather odd color. 

It least it looks good in that beautiful bowl.


  1. You are the diva, accomplishing recipe testing AND being on the challenge. Those indeed are lovely bowls. I am hoping to make an Empty Bowl event happen here some day.

  2. Butternut Squash Seed Oil, oh my! Those bowls are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful! I don't have any of that oil and I live in the Fingerlakes!! You need to come back and take me shopping! LOL


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