Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scallops with Red Pepper Feta Sauce

I doubled up at a client on Monday and made a beef roast with veggies to bring home.  After eating said roast almost every day for lunch and dinner until Thursday, I was dying for anything that wasn't pot roast.  So I hit West Side Market yesterday for the first time this year to replenish my herb and fruit stock in prep for next week's pantry challenge.

I also hit Kate's Fish for some fresh seafood for the weekend.  Last night I made Bon Appetit's Chicken Paillards with Clementine Salsa recipe, but I subbed striped bass for the chicken.  Awesome!  And I had enough leftover fish to make a nice fish sandwich on a Rosemary Ciabatta roll from the market that I topped with cobbled together tartar sauce from creamy horseradish sauce, dill relish, and cocktail sauce.

I think Kate's has the best fresh, jumbo scallops.  Period.  Never treated with chemicals that make them artificially white, or full of liquid that makes a good sear impossible.  Usually four are more than I can eat (usually I eat three, and Jake, my 15 yr old cat eats the other one, after crying and begging).

I hit the monthly Countryside Conservancy Farmer's Market this morning, which even for the dead of Ohio winter, I have to say was pretty impressive.  I scored a chicken that I'd preordered from Brunty Farms, some fresh goat feta from Lake Erie Creamery (you have to hit their link just to hear the goats), some awesome radishes, garlic, some cider, and I had a chicken pot pie empanada for breakfast.

So dinner time.  Scallops need to be cooked.  I pulled the goat feta, a handful of pitted kalamata olives, an jar of roasted red peppers, and some fresh basil for a sauce.

I seared the scallops in a little butter and olive oil and while they seared made the sauce.  A couple of peppers, a few leaves of basil, the olives, and about 4 tablespoons of the feta went into the mini food processor til pureed.  I then heated the sauce for a few minutes in the microwave.

The leftover Harvest Grain blend, plus a handful of green beans made a nice dinner.

Alongside, I had this delicious Urban Uco Torrontes.  I am not really much of a white wine fan, but this one, from Argentina, is delicious.  I also love their Malbec.

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