Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cook What You've Got Challenge: Day Two

Challenge Day Two.  I really didn't even start to formulate a plan until about 4:00.

When I returned home from visiting the wholesale tile place to pick out tile for my back splash, I thought enchiladas. I know, it's been a year since the kitchen was done, but I needed time to live with it before I commit.  And I knew I would be overwhelmed by the selections and drift like I was magnetized to the most expensive choice in the place.  I picked out some awesome glass tiles that co-ordinate with, but don't compete too much with the granite.  Stay tuned for how it ultimately comes together.

So I pulled out a block of light cream cheese and a package of goat cheese that likely landed in the drawer as a result of a party over purchase.  I was inspired by a basic, but delicious, black bean and goat cheese enchilada recipe popular with my fellow personal chefs, but I decided to kick it up a bit.

So, black beans, a can of Muir Glen diced tomatoes with Adobo Seasonings, which I received when I joined their connoisseurs club,  a half an onion, some of that delicious local sweet corn I froze last summer, a Cubanelle pepper, and a package Uncle Ben's Ready Rice, Vegetable Medley.

I wanted a nice, fresh salad to accompany, and I knew I had a nice ripe mango, spinach and radishes from the farmer's market, and a bowl of avocados.  Eating Well came to the rescue with this recipe for Spinach, Avocado & Mango Salad.  I had everything on hand except radicchio, which honestly I am positive I have never bought by itself for anything. 

The salad gave me the chance to bust out a favorite gadget, the Oxo Good Grips Mango Splitter.

I know some may scoff, but I have worst time getting the weird shaped pit out of mangoes without it.  With it, you take a tiny slice of the ends, line it up, and voila, no more pit, and two halves of flesh.  This one was perfectly ripe so I could just pull the peel off.  

I chopped the onion half and the cubanelle and sauteed with a smidge of olive oil and few shakes of Penzey's Chili Con Carne Seasoning.  Meanwhile I combined the other ingredients in large bowl.

Then I tasted it thought, ok, but needs something.  So a pantry forage produced a can of fire roasted diced green chiles.

And then a little more Chili con Carne Seasoning and a few good shakes of this Peppadew Sesasoning with Cilantro.

Now we're talking.  After the onion and pepper saute cooled down, I added it to the party.  The rest of the ingredients - a package of shredded Mexican cheese blend, a can of green enchilada sauce, and a large package of whole wheat tortillas brought it all together.

Sometimes it's one step forward, two steps back when you're cooking solo.  I ended up with 11 enchiladas, so 5 went back into the freezer for another meal.

Four got baked at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes until they warmed through.  I ate two, my sister ate one, and took one home.

I kept a couple in the fridge for lunch tomorrow or Friday.  Or it may be dinner tonight.

The salad was awesome and made a great accompaniment to the enchiladas, which had just the right amount of kick after I doctored them.


  1. oh It is only 7:30 and I am craving that salad! I used my can of those chilis yesterday too. I love them. Congratulations on a very creative use of your pantry!

  2. Your enchiladas look delicious.


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