Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cook What You've Got Challenge: Day Five

I bought this beautiful bunch of organic, tops on, carrots, and the fresh mint on my last trip to West Side Market.  They were just begging to be turned into Pomegranate Balsamic Glazed Carrots from Fine Cooking.  I made them on Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit.  

 The pork tenderloins were extras from a cookdate last week, plus half a red onion and the zest-less lemon were lurking in the drawer.  Those cute little potatoes (rosy pink inside) were from my friends at Bakers Produce & Honey (who have CSA shares available, but you better act fast) purchased at the farmers market.  The rosemary and fennel were from my market trip.

I decided to make a recipe from the new Cuisine Lite magazine.  I would have been tempted to cook through the issue if it weren't for this challenge.

There was still some spinach from the farmers market, and some strawberries in the fridge.  I used a little of the red onion, chopped, a few twists of Grains Of Desire Grinder - Cape Herb & Spice Company, which has black peppercorns, nutmeg, cloves, orange rind, rose petals and grains of paradise.  I dressed with Garlic Expressions.  I added a little bleu cheese with cranberries to mine; my sister doesn't do bleu.


So here's dinner, plated.  Trust me, it tasted better than it looks in this photo.   We needed a good dinner before going to the West Point Market tasting of 50 Red Wines Under $15. 

Everyone seems to really be enjoying getting into the challenge and most of us are going to keep at for awhile.  Obviously, I haven't really made much of a dent.  I have been eating more fruit, vegetables, and non-meat meals. 

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  1. Everything looks delicious. Especially the carrots. I have pomegranate molasses in my pantry and carrots in the fridge. I see some pomegranate-glazed carrots in my future.

    Check out my challenge meals at


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