Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Zen of Snow

When I first awoke (late - weird dreams lately), and saw the pretty frosting that arrived overnight, my first thought was "Aw, how pretty".  My second thought was "Aw, crap, I am going to have shovel the driveway again".

My outdoor kitty has adapted nicely to his new, relatively warm spot near the the recycling bins in the garage.  After sleeping who knows where for two winters, and only accepting kibble hand-outs, he now waits for me to come out so he can thank me by rubbing my legs and purring loudly.  He would not, however, stand still for a photo, so you can see how fat he's become in preparation for winter.  I was afraid he wasn't going to be able to fit through the kitty door.

Back to the task at hand.  Bundled up, coffee nuked in the microwave to keep the cup warm, I turned to my trusty Quick Snow Shovel on Wheels (black) (11"H x 26"W x 6"D).  I scored this last year at Tuesday Morning, and I have to say, it makes shoveling nearly fun. 

This shovel turns you into a human powered snow plow.  The angled, ball bearing driven wheels, allow you to easily push even wet, heavy snow.  This isn't a lift and throw device; it's heavy.

It's perfect for women.  And here's why:  Women don't want to mess with noisy, gas powered devices that can potentially result in an unpleasant visit to the emergency room.  Women don't want to lift and throw heavy snow, ignoring those reports that this is likely to result in a heart attack.

I like the way the blanket of snow mutes all of the noises outside.  Once you get in a rhythm, it really does become kind of peaceful.  It's important when you get the road, that you get as much of the end of the drive stuff moved out of the way so you don't get the dreaded 'snow hump' when the street plows come.

Hopefully I worked off some of last night's potpie.  And the chocolate stash I found when I cleaned my office.....

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