Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ruby Glazed Chicken with Smoky Pomegranate Sauce

Yesterday's newsletter from Lynn Rosseto Casper and The Splendid Table was this delicious chicken recipe. Not a lot of ingredients, or effort for a week night.

I used thighs, which I prefer, and pine nuts (almonds were an option). It called for 3 tablespoons of of olive oil for cooking the chicken in, and a regular (vs. non-stick pan) is recommended so you get fond.

This is good stuff - the basis of your sauce. I think many cooks are afraid to let this happen, but trust me, stop poking, prodding and moving your food around and let it do it's job in the pan.

I recommend spooning off any excess oil before returning the chicken to the pan (I didn't and wished I had), and using more than one slice of bacon (recipe says to taste, my taste would have preferred another slice).

Otherwise, a quick, yummy recipe for any weeknight.

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