Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gadget Love: Tart Tamper

The darling of the bite size appetizer set for several years now, is just about anything made into a mini-cup in mini muffin pans. The greatest invention since mini-muffin pans, is the tart tamper.

This particular model I think I got from Pampered Chef. But given my recent experience with them regarding replacing a broken pastry blender, I highly doubt I will ever do business with them again. (to be fair, it was probably the rep at the Food Show who was less than helpful that put me off, but he represents the company, and after a few frustrating moments of conversation, I wanted to put the broken, uh, never mind).

In any event, the metal model to the right in the Amazon store, is shorter and one ended, but I actually prefer it. I just couldn't locate it when I made these mini corn muffin shells I filled with barbecued chicken for a party.

The key to using the tart tamper is to use a firm hand. You need to push down and get the dough pushed as far up the sides of the cup as possible. Pricking most doughs at the bottom helps prevent the puffy, no room for filling, cup.

Happy tamping.

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  1. Love my tart tamper. I've been wanting to get a metal one so thanks for pointing that one out. Tom discovered that my wooden tart tamper is the perfect tool for mashing bananas.


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