Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gadget Love: Tart Pan Ring Moonlights as Pie Crust Shield

Baby it's cold outside.  We finally had some measurable snow accumulation this week.  The post holiday cookie, cheesy, rich food, plus movie popcorn and greasy Vaccaro's Pizza (amen - just like when I was kid - and 2 minutes from house; possibly dangerous), left me craving veggies and salad.  Which I did eat the last few days.

But this morning, as I was sweating it out at the gym and drooling over the New Year's appetizers on the Today Show, then the 'cheese show' on Martha Stewart, an epiphany occurred.  Leftover roasted chicken, a Pillsbury Ready Pie Crust that didn't make it into a mini-tart recipe for a holiday party, both in the fridge - Chicken Pot Pie!

Yeah, yeah, I know it's not a low fat meal, but it sounded good and it managed to use up ingredients on hand.  I mentally debated going to West Side Market today.  But seriously, I have enough frozen, ready to eat meals in my stuffed freezer, that I could probably survive nicely until April.  Or May.

So into the oven went the lovely pot pie.  I knew there was an unopened package of pie crust shields in the basement.  Unopened, because pie of any form doesn't happen here very often.  I made a few futile attempts to locate them.  No luck.  Then the second epiphany of the day:  overturned tart pan ring would make a perfect pie crust shield.

Turns out the 10" ring fits perfectly over the 9" pie crust.  So yes, you could cover those edges with foil.  You could even waste your money on 'pie crust shields' (when I find those stupid things, they are going straight to the yard sale box), but if you bake at all, and have a tart pan with a removable bottom, you have an instant pie crust shield.  


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