Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ficoco - Figs & Chocolate!

There have been many brilliant pairings of chocolate with another delicious ingredient that instantly creates something much better than the sum of the parts. Well move over Reeses Cups (remember the 'Who got peanut butter in my chocolate?" commercials), move over Nutella, move over whichever of the talking M&Ms contains the peanut - chocolate has finally met it's perfect match. FIGS!

Fat-free Dalmatia Ficoco is imported from Croatia. The jar suggests applying "liberally on baked goods and breakfast treats or warm and pour on fruit and ice cream". I concur. Dalmatia also makes an orange and fig spread that I adore.

I scored both products at the Mediterranean Import Store at West Side Market. (They are well aware of my fig obsession and were happy to feed it)

At 60 calories per tablespoon (12 servings per jar), you aren't going to put the hurting on your waistline, that say a hormonal low-tide run-in with the Nutella jar will. (p.s. don't even bother to read the nutrition label on Nutella; it will just make you cry while licking the spoon).

There are a few recipes on the Ficoco website and they invite you to submit your own and get a thank you gift. I may take them up on that. If I don't eat it all on bagels first.

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