Saturday, December 5, 2009

Empty Bowl Project March 2010

Save the date for the next Empty Bowl Project - Sunday, March 21st, from 12:30 - 2:30 pm. This is great event - $25 gets you a beautiful handcrafted soup bowl from my friends at Zeber-Martell Studios, your choice of three bowls of hot soup from area chefs, including me, and all of profits benefit Akron's Good Samaritan Hunger Center.

The event is held in the beautiful lobby of the Akron Art Museum - tour the galleries after your lunch.

Tickets are limited and will sell out quickly, so follow Zeber-Martell's blog, The Relevancy of Craft to stay tuned to the latest info. And be sure and stop by their gallery (next to Vegeterranean for unique and beautiful holiday gifts).

I haven't picked my soup yet, what's your favorite? Leave me some comments for inspiration.


  1. How many people? So many good choices! Mexican tortilla, corn chowder, Laura's Asian dumpling was yummy and easy....
    This is such a great idea!

  2. Last year I think they sold 200 bowls. Don't think I am up for that many dumplings - lol!

  3. Catching of on your blog this AM.

    Potato soup - creamy, but with a few bits of potato; cheesey and smokey. Maybe with smoked cheddar or smoked bacon. Let it have a little kick too. That's my favorite...

    I'm making myself hungry!
    Still have a CSA potatoes. Think I'll concoct a potato soup this weekend! Sure am missing my weekly box as I watch the snow fly outside. Guess I should harvest the last of the lettuces in my coldframe, if they haven't been lost to the deep freeze last night :(

    Pat, a WHG shareholder


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