Friday, December 4, 2009

Cheddar Challenge Champion!

Today was the live finals for the Adams Reserve Cheddar Challenge recipe contest. I appeared, along with the other two finalists, on That's Life with Robin Swoboda on Fox 8.

We each brought a completed recipe, plus the ingredients to prepare another on the show.

I was up first, and the blurry pic below is the only one I had of my set-up. The large brown blob in the left corner is the 'beauty' cheese ball.

Also on the set was a, I presume, petrified, autographed by Paula Deen, biscuit.

And this reminder that Martha Stewart is not in the house....

In case you missed my winning recipe, here is the link. Note - I used some nice, soft, dried apple slices with "cinnamon essence". Don't use totally dried, apple air chunks. Add a pinch of cinnamon if your dried apples aren't spiced - adds to the sweet/savory experience.

The judges were Chef Jonathon Bennett from Moxie and Red Restaurants in Cleveland, a representative from Adams Reserve Cheese,  Erin Shirkey, and apparently unemployed morning radio jocks, Brian and Joe.

After I was up, there was a segment on gadgets by a former QVC star, who when Robin asked the backstage assemblage if he looked familiar, one person said Barack Obama, and another said O.J. Simpson.

Second place finalist prepared a spaghetti recipe featuring a bechamel sauce and the required cheddar, and third place finalist prepared a green olive baked in cheese crust.

The winners were announced at the end. We each received gift certificates for Moxie (me, $150, 2nd - $100, 3rd - $75), and baskets with cheese and other goodies.

As the first prize winner, my recipe will be featured in a small full color recipe booklet distributed each year by Adams Reserve Cheese with a bunch of recipes. So next year at the Food Show stop by their booth and get the recipe book - with my recipe included! That's pretty exciting!

Here's a pic of me and Robin:

And you can watch my segment here, eight minutes of me and Robin cutting the cheese:


  1. Congratulations! That cheese ball looks delicious.

    Mike V

  2. Thanks! It was a lot of fun, and it is a tasty cheese ball!


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