Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fabulous Food Show Recap 2009: Wooden You Know

Just back from the final day of the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland.
I think this year was the best yet. The food vendors were a little more diverse, and there weren't a lot of non-food related vendors better left to exhibit at the Home Show.

The redesigned wine tasting area, with the wines grouped by wine type and some by region, made finding what you like the best, easier. Unfortunately, the wine selections that I tried were mostly disappointing, and there wasn't any that I even considered purchasing.

Upon entry to the I-X Center, before the actual show entry, there is a large area with handcrafted art and gift items. We didn't make it through there this year, but there was a really nice wooden spoon vendor, Jonathon's Wild Cherry Spoons, that caught our attention. I bought one of these Spootle Lazy Spoons, basically a flat wooden spoon with a notch so it rests on the side of your pot while cooking.

The selection of utensils was extensive and they were all beautiful. But even better, they make a good selection of their items specifically for left handed cooks. So I bought a left handed version as a birthday gift.

Jonathon's Wild Cherry Spoons is located in Kenton, PA, but they ship all over. The website also lists retail outlets that carry them and upcoming shows.

Great gifts for your favorite cook.

Stay tuned for more recaps, including Michael Symon's show, and other favorite vendors.

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  1. I LOVE Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons. My sister gave me a medium spatula one Christmas long ago. It is the tool I reach for all the time. I think a spootle is in my future.

    (Your first link to is misformatted.)


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