Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Turkeys Talking to Me

If your vision of Thanksgiving turkey is the brown construction paper version with the tiny hand outlined, then colored in tail feathers, with a child's name written on it, or worse yet, a gigantic rock hard frozen, injected Butterball, well you are in for a surprise.

Meet the turkeys of Brunty Farms. They were lounging in the sun, hanging out and making lots of funny (non-gobbling FYI) noises when I stopped by to pick up a few of their less fortunate chicken cousins . Less fortunate as in that old farm saying of "They had a great life, except for one really awful day".

As soon as I stepped into the pen, they decided, en masse, they needed to come check me out. It was a little creepy when they started towards me, but unlike wild turkeys, they are pretty gentle and were just curious.

They lost interest in me pretty quickly, and resumed lounging and making a whole host of noises, that were pretty entertaining. I need to go back and take some video. Farmer Jeff Brunty, picked one up (it wasn't too pleased), to show me that they are about 15 pounds now, but will be packing on the pounds in the coming weeks, before they grace Thanksgiving tables.

They didn't look very 'turkey-like" until they start preening and fluffing out the feathers. When I asked Jeff what it meant when they did that, he said "It means they like you". If they only knew I was picturing them cozied up to some stuffing and mashed potatoes and napped in gravy.

I hung out for awhile. Long enough to collect plenty of turkey doo on my shoes. I'll check back in a few weeks and see if I am talented enough to upload some video so you can get the full sound effects of what 100 turkeys hanging around sounds like. It's pretty cool.


  1. Hello from another Ohioian!

    Cute blog you have and Congrats on the Foodie Blogroll!

  2. The turkeys are so cute! Too cute for the Thanksgiving table!


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