Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finger Lakes Distilling

You might think from the field of grapes still clinging to the vines, plus the large, beautiful white building, that you'd come upon yet another winery along the shores of Seneca Lake. But this particular stop is in fact, Finger Lakes Distilling, featuring a different form of drinkable product from local ingredients.

Surprisingly, the basis of their vodka is in fact grapes, and they are also used in the highly anticipated, soon to be released, grappa - a spirit that can pack up to a 40% alcohol content.

One of the highlights of the beautiful tasting room, is that you can peer through the glass at the inner workings, including this impressive copper pot still they imported from Germany.

I also loved the canoe shaped chandelier, a nice homage, to their place on the lake.

I passed on the tasting since I was driving, but I did take a tiny sip of the delicious Maplejack, an apple brandy finished with local maple syrup, and a bottle of that made it back to Ohio. I'm thinking it will add a nice layer of flavor to some thick pork chops with apples and onions with butternut sage risotto.

Their tasting room also features a nice selection of products, including the clever cocktail infusers from Tea Forte.

There was a little problem when were leaving. The driver of a very large motor home with a car in tow, didn't quite make the turn up the driveway, and was wedged firmly between the road and the drive, blocking approaching traffic. Bet that was fun to get out.

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  1. What a neat place to visit! The maplejack sounds quite interesting!


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