Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Fall officially arrived this week and the weather has gone quickly from late summer pleasant to cold, damp and dreary. There is a frost warning for tonight, so I've pulled Ms. Figgy and the Meyer Lemon trees into the garage, along with a few potted basil plants. I am really dreading turning on the furnace.

My prior post on my Hairy Balls plant has generated some interesting key words hits, to say the least, so I thought you'd enjoy an update, because as you can see, my Hairy Balls are much bigger now.

Not sure how frost tolerant they are, I really should try rooting a cutting.

My Autumn Joy Sedums are at their peak of color.

I can see this beautiful orangish Dahlia from my office window. So pretty.

The cardoon is also pretty big now.

And finally, Cootie, the formally feral, now fabulously friendly kitty, took an opportunity for a few leg rubs while I shot the photos. Unfortunately a few minutes later, with my pockets full of pears, he got underfoot and I accidently stepped on him. So he is giving me the cold shoulder and rebuffing my attempts at an apologetic belly rub.

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  1. This is a funny post, never thought there would be a hairy balls plant! LOL! I love the photo of the dahlia!


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