Monday, September 21, 2009

Edible Landscaping - Eton Collection

Here are some shots I snapped on my outing to Eton on Chagrin Blvd, home of Penzey's Spices, Trader Joe's, Sur la Table, and Barnes and Noble. It's always a delight to visit during gardening season to check out the fantastic displays created by Eagle Creek Gardens.

They change the displays up a bit each year, but I really like the way they incorporate beautiful edible plants into the borders and containers, like this beautiful Bright Lights Swiss Chard. They are also nice enough to leave markers with the plant names so you can recreate at home.

Here is the Swiss Chard edged with some waxy begonias.

This adorable bed is flanked by ornamental banana trees and edged with curly parsley.

Ornamental chili peppers were featured in several colorful planters.

Bold and beautiful cardoon, a thistle like vegetable.

I'll save the cute planters for another post. Get there and visit soon before it's too late.

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