Sunday, August 30, 2009

Made in Akron - Cool store with cool Akron stuff!

Sure the local food movement is all the buzz, and 'locavore' has made into the dictionary, but what about gifts and products that truly reflect Akron, past and present? The Made in Akron store is here to fill that niche.

Sure there is some food, like pasta sauce from DeVitis Italian Market and Deli, and local candy made by Grabham Chocolatier and Dilley's Treats (note: Must try the Chocolate Covered Bacon), along with Russ Vernon signed copies of the West Point Market Cookbook, but there are plenty of other things to feast your eyes on.

Including some cool t-shirts, like this one:

Yesterday Made in Akron hosted a 'meet the Akron artists event'. Local artists set-up around the front, alley, and back of the store, on a luckily, nice day, to present their wares and meet new visitors to the store, which was fortunate enough to get a nice write-up in The Akron Beacon Journal.

They also feature artwork and jewelry from Akron artists. The photographs of four blimps flying together is pretty cool.

Chrissie Hynde has stopped by and shopped (and bought a few of the same items, I did - you'll have to go to the store to find out what that was), and last week actors Ethan Suplee, the brother from My Name is Earl, and T.J.Miller who are shooting a movie in Canton (for train scenes) w/ Denzel Washington called Unstoppable, stopped by and bought a few things. So you never know who you might run into buying Akron souvenirs.

Show your local pride and support local artists by shopping at Made in Akron.


  1. Thank you so much, DineinDiva, for the super cool comments & pics. Could be wrong but I think I might even have gotten a picture of you w/ a sticker you bought that day, no? Thanks again for the love, back at ya!

    Made in Akron

  2. You did indeed snap a picture with my sticker. Glad the word is getting out about your cool store. Tami


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