Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quailcrest Farm Spring Garden Fair 2009

I had a great time on Sunday at Quailcrest Farm in Wooster.   They have a terrific greenhouse selection of herbs and perennials, including these beauties.  I forget what the orange flower is, but it's beautiful.

This is the aptly named Pineapple Lilly.

A "pregnant onion and shade loving caladium.

There were garden and craft vendors set up on the grounds including homemade ice cream whose crank was run by a John Deere engine.   

I had a yummy Root Beer Float with homemade vanilla.

This giant cardoon plant was blooming in the herb garden.  I just planted a couple; we'll see if mine get that big.

The buried chimney flues to contain the mint is also an idea I borrowed many years ago - it works.

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