Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus, The Melon, That Is

Santa Claus melons are one of my favorites.  They are football shaped and sort of resemble a watermelon outside with green and yellow markings.

Be sure to rinse off and dry all melons before peeling or cutting to avoid transferring surface bacteria to the cut surfaces.

Inside, the flesh is white and creamy.  The flavor is delicate, sort of a vanilla, banana, peachy flavor.

Pay careful attention if you pick one of these up in the grocery.  Sometimes they are outlandishly priced per pound, and when you get to the check-out you discover you've selected a $7 melon the size of a Nerf football.

I got this one at the West Side Market for $1.99.

Here is some more info on Santa Claus melons, aka Christmas melons.

I was also very happy to see the first figs of the season, since I am a hard core fresh fig pig.

My favorite fruit vendor actually called me while I was still shopping the market to let me know they had just arrived.  She picked me out these two nice baskets.  I'm in fruit snacking heaven.

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  1. I am so excited for the farmers' markets this summer. I just hope all the rain has washed everything away. I too am a fig pig. :)


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