Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Vegetable Garden - Playing in the Dirt with a Two Year Old

Yesterday I had fun helping my youngest client, age 2, plant her first vegetable garden.  It's never too early to start cultivating a discriminating vegetable eating locavore, right?  Here mommy is helping  plant a cucumber by the trellis.

It was so cute.  She had her Crocs, gardening gloves, plus a tool bag with her own trowel and cultivator. 

But the shoes didn't last long.  'Tis better to feel the dirt between your toes, especially when it's warm and squishy.  Plus there are holes to be dug.

New addition to the family,  Buckley, was stationed nearby to observe.  Despite the cute toy collection, what he really wanted was to get in on the action and help dig those holes.

I was pretty impressed with how long she remained interested in the project.  We planted some strawberries, two large tomato plants that are already loaded with green tomatoes, some bell peppers, a flying saucer squash, and white and orange mini pumpkins.  

The hanging basket is cherry tomatoes that are already ripening; she picked the first ones last week. 

Instead of eating them, she decided to check the texture by squishing them.  Not an entirely unreasonable approach when you are new to this whole gardening thing.

She gave mom a big hug when we were done and said "Thank you garden mommy".  How sweet is that?  She thanked me too, then remembered the Sponge Bob Square Pants cookie that I brought, and toddled off to the kitchen to reclaim it.

And thanks to the unseasonably cool weather, the salad bar I planted for the back patio is already looking good.  Practically ready for harvesting already.

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