Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Place for Everything Thanks to Ikea

I knew when I redid the kitchen that I did not want upper cabinets. Open shelving facilitates creative cooking. Having a lot of good things to work with does you little good when they creep backward in crammed cupboards, until the hide-and-seek game culminates with a trip to the trash.

If there were a 12 step program for oil and vinegar addicts, someone would probably stage an intervention and suggest I join.

Fig Molasses? Yep, I've got that. Pumpkin Seed oil? Yep, I've got that. And very clearly, a lot more.

Originally I conceived a tower of Lazy Susans to house this obsession. Bruce in short order suggested the two shelves that hold the two above counter versions. I painted them to match the walls.

I love Ikea's magnetic strips and containers. The containers also are very handy for parking recipes on the fridge during a cooking marathon.

An Ikea book ledge and frame (why in the world is the frame 11 x 15 1/2? Is that some standard size in Sweden???), house my signed by Michael and Donna Ruhlman Ratio Chart, companion to the new book. Not sure my vintage Cleveland Scale is up to the task, but I haven't had time to invest in testing the ratios yet.

The Ikea rails, hooks and hanging spice racks, complete the wall storage.

Giddy happy. If I wasn't in the middle of building an outdoor kitchen and getting the garden in gear, I'd be even happier. This is the season when I tend to eat whatever I can forage come dark-thirty.

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  1. Love all your well-thought-out spaces. It must be a pleasure to cook in that kitchen.


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