Monday, May 11, 2009

All-Clad Factory Outlet Sale

The All-Clad Factory is located in Canonsburg, PA, near Pittsburgh. Twice a year (first week of June and December) they have a 3 day outlet sale at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

The next sale is June 5-7th. It's a little over 2 hour drive from Akron. Expect to stand in line for a bit before being let into the sale building. It's all pretty orderly.

If you have a wheeled cart, it's a good idea to take it with you. They provide boxes, and people get plenty creative by attaching bungee cords and dragging them around, but it's a hassle.

These are factory seconds, so expect some imperfections. There are tables for you to inspect your items before going through the check-out.

Tables are arranged by type: Copper-Clad, Stainless, Non-Stick, with stock-pots and odd stuff on the opposite side. Center tables have utensils and smalls. Lids are purchased separately for the most part. Do some research and plan out what you'd like to purchase ahead of time, but be prepared to see things you didn't know existed. One year I went for skillets; last trip I went for saucepans.

Prices are 60% or more off typical retail. These pans are definitely an investment, but will probably be the last ones you ever have to buy.


  1. Thanks for the reminder - I need to get a couple of saucepans and I've been holding off for the sale.


  2. We drove five hours to experience this sale and were not disappointed!I was impressed with how well the All Clad employees managed the crowd...from the people guiding us to our parking spot, to the gentleman that showed us where the end of the line was, to the friendly staff inside the hall answering questions with knowledge and helpfulness.We had a lot of fun. We arrived around 8:20am and only waited about 40 minutes before entering the building. You wait outdoors in an enclosed area.No worries about the weather! A small food stand was open for coffee and small snacks. They control the # of people entering the hall so the actual number of people inside is not overwhelming. You can easily get to all the tables to see everything.We were done in one hour and left happy with all of our deals. Kudos to the All-Clad company for such a first-class operation.A big thank you to my husband for going with me!

  3. Hi. I just had to post something. I searched all the blogs for the 2010 June All Clad Seconds Sale trying to determine if I should make the 4 hour trip from Baltimore. Well, thanks to your site I did. I have no regrets. I wish I could go again today. I like specific information on sales like this so here it is (so you can prepare for the Dec sale):
    - Know what you want and what it costs on Ebay, Amazon, WS, Bloomingdales, etc. - BECAUSE, some of the prices were better in the stores. For example, the grill pan was selling for $95 when Bloomindales has had it on sale for the past year for around $49 sometimes less.
    - Bring a basket if you decide to buy alot
    - Biggest deals were on Copper Core by far. Now, I personally use the regular stainless everyday and think that they are good enough. BUT, at the prices the Copper Core was going for, you just couldn't beat it! So here is just a taste...most (if not all) Copper Core was 70% off. So, I bought a $445 8 qt stockpot for $133 + $19 lid (small scratches). Sauce pots (CC) went for $73 but they ran out of lids. Chef pans went for $109
    -Another big disount was on electrics (I did not buy because I was alone and tired of carrying and pulling everything around) - The prized and coveted $300 7 qt slow cooker aluminum went for $149 and they were selling like crazy. By 11:00 the AC rep said that she was on her 4th pallet. The E-grill went for like $150 I think.
    -They had Copper R galore but noone wants to polish now days, right?
    - Non-stick was not priced well at all. I could find better deals at WS or Ebay and maybe Bloom's during their hot sales.
    - Utensils were discounted but not enough for me...I can be cheap about some things. Utensils went for $11, some $15. When they go to $5 then I will buy:>)
    - Got a LTD 10" Stir Fry (cute as a button) for $33
    - Krups Coffee pots went for $39
    So, in summary, I will be back in December as I asked if customers in line (nicest people for the most part) and the sales folks if the discounts are as good in December and they said yes. Only thing is that some of the staff are unfamiliar with the warranty policy. After I had spent over $800 she said that there wasn't a warranty. Well, because of the blogs, I knew she was wrong. I called All Clad HQ and they said Limited Lifetime warranty, meaning send it back and you will get another second...sounds good to me.

  4. I went on Friday - my first summer sale. Waited in the outside line around 45 minutes to get inside, but after a bit it cleared out and there was no line (around 12:30). Overheard the staff saying there was a slow period around 2-3:30, then the end of the day, sneak out of work early rush around 4ish.

    I've stood in line to get in twice, and once went right in. It was hot and humid - I think I prefer the Dec sale, even in the blizzard - lol.

    I got what I went for - the deep stainless roaster, the large Roti roaster and a non-stick roasting rack. Also got a 2 qt. saucepan, a duo of d5 French skillets, the slow cooker ($99.95), and a couple of marble cheese boards @$5 each.

    They do an excellent job managing the sale. And yes, you have to do your homework. Sometimes I see pretty good deals at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods, and I spent so much on the large non-stick skillet I'm afraid to use it - I use a Calphalon in my traveling chef kit that I replace about every 9 mths at around $30.

    The check-out clerk that took my credit card said she had been on my site that morning - that was pretty funny.

  5. Can you tell me when it will be this year, 2011?

  6. First weekend in June and December are the sales - google Washington County Fairground for specifics


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