Sunday, April 5, 2009

Please Adopt Love Muffin

Ahh, Spring. Daffodils, tulips, and kittens. This one showed up a few days ago. Smallish, maybe 4 pounds or so, and stripey with Maine Coon good looks.

Vocal and friendly, oh my, she just wants to talk to you and curl up in your lap. And she can't stay here. I already have enough indoor cats to merit the crazy cat lady action figure as a gift.

And I've been sucked into to paying to neuter, get him shots, and feed the neighborhood cat, Cootie. Who is none too pleased by the way by the newest moocher of cat food.

I went out for dinner last night and when I returned, Love Muffin was waiting in the driveway. She slept on my porch and was waiting, with a glaring Cootie a few feet away, for breakfast and attention.

Please don't let your cats roam the neighborhood. This one clearly has lived with someone, and I really hope she hasn't been dumped. C'mon take her home and let the love fest begin.

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  1. Update, Love Muffin, renamed Tami (not be me silly), found a new lap to need courtesy of my friends at Purrfect Diamonds in the Ruff Pet Rescue.


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