Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Patio Daddy-O

Well I don't always get a project moving as quickly in practice as in my mind. About a year ago I decided it was time to lose the ugly, cloudy plate glass window and regular door to my patio and replace it with a nice patio door. I settled on the door, the order went in, and then a terrible motorcycle accident put my guy in the hospital in a bad way.

Somehow the door order didn't process, but I decided to wait and see how he recovered. In the meantime, I pulled up all of the old brick and laid paths around the garden with them.

The new pavers were my favorite kind, the free kind. My dad has been in the brick and block trucking business for over 40 years and is set to retire. The local company that makes the brick and block got bought out by a multi-national company and has decided to close the plant. Although he's been grumbling and threatening to sell all the trucks for years, now that it's reality, it's bittersweet.

He's had some leftover pallets that I have been meaning to go pick-up for the last couple of years. It's now or never. So on Friday, I made four trips and divided the 6,240 pounds of bricks up and brought them home.

The old glass and door went out and the new door was framed and put in place in one day. Because having a big hole in the side of the house is just asking for trouble. And judging from the trashing my backyard is taking by grub hunting raccoons, plugging that hole pronto was a good plan indeed.

For some freak global warming reason, the last three days the weather has been insanely hot for April; high 80's. I resisted turning on the air until I spent a sleepless night that ended on the couch drenched in sweat. Yesterday I cranked that baby and slept like a log.

I started the day by borrowing my dad's pick-up. The large, loud diesel one. That masked the sound of me backing over one of my landscape lights. I whacked the mirror on my mailbox, too. That I definitely heard, and followed up with an expletive.

I picked up 1 ton of crushed limestone and we hauled it around and spread it in the patio space. Back for load two, and picked up a rental tamper. My patio helper Andy, got everything spread and leveled, while dad Bruce finished putting the siding around the door.

Then in many, many trips from the driveway to the patio, I hauled the pavers back to be laid. There were four different sizes in the pallet with more of the largest. We picked a pattern and starting laying. Did pretty well, but were a few short of one size towards the end, so some needed cut.

I went back for sand, but didn't get enough. So we spread what I had, ran the tamper, and I went back and got more sand so we could finish this morning before the rental was due for return.

Bruce also dug the posts for the pergola that is going to rest on the brick wall and go over the patio.

Tomorrow I am going to get more crushed limestone and sandstone pavers to make a path in the side yard from the kitchen door to the patio. I lost the back interior access in the kitchen remodel, but the pass through will come in handy.

Here's a before shot;

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  1. Tami,
    You never cease to amaze me! You are not only incrediably talented but mighty lucky! Those pavers, wow! I hope the warm April weather continues so you can thoroughly enjoy your new outdoor abode! When's the BBQ?!


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