Saturday, March 7, 2009

He Went to Jared!...She said Yes!

Last night I cooked one of my favorite dinners for two. The groom-to-be contacted me a few weeks ago to help him plan a special evening for him to 'pop the question'.

They are both seafood lovers, so I made lobster tails with a fabulous Prosecco Vanilla Butter sauce that is to die for. I served it with roasted asparagus and portobello mushrooms drizzled with white truffle oil, and a toasted Israeli couscous with fresh bay leaves, cinnamon, toasted pine nuts and parsley.

To set the mood for the evening, I booked them a couples massage at Whole Earth Massage. This got them out of the way while I slipped in and got dinner preparation under way. It also gave me time to move the dining table into the living room and dress up the area with roses and candles.

I also enlisted the assistance of local musician, Kevin Minster, who did a fantastic job. The groom-to-be provided a list of songs that were special to the couple, and Kevin learned the ones he didn't know during the week. Kevin plays guitar and sings, and he provided a nice distraction when I had to crack those lobster tails open to piggyback the meat for baking.

I got to check out the ring today when I went back to collect my table items - he went to Jared - and he did good! It was one of the prettiest rings I've seen.

I gave the bride-to-be a gift certificate towards her shower. I hope to see this lovely couple again soon.

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