Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gone to the Dogs...and Kitties, too.

I sell a lot of personal chef gift certificates to family members who want to pamper someone for their birthday, anniversary, holiday, or because they are under the weather.

Many of my lucky recipients are loving pet parents who treat their pet like one of the family. The proverbial light bulb went off, so I decided to do some research on preparing organic pet food and treats.

For folks who want to share their personal chef package, I've now got a menu of pet goodies that clients can choose from when creating their personal chef meal packages. Substitute a pet meal or treat for any human meal in any size meal package.

My talented graphics guru, Crafty Chef Graphics, designed this fabulous post card for this service.

This is the one time that I'll let the client jump on me and lick my face.....

FYI - The photo is of our neighborhood cat, Cootie. He's been roaming the 'hood for over two years and I started feeding him the Christmas before last. Last spring I live trapped him and took him to the One of a Kind Pets Clinic , to be neutered, and they clipped his ear - a marking to indicate that as a feral cat, he's be neutered.

He didn't really have a name until I picked him up from the clinic. The cage was covered in an old blanket and the girls were holding it at arms length like he had the plague. While I waited in the crowded waiting room, one of the clerks announced loudly "This one's got lice." Everyone kind of looked at me like I was neglecting my third grader; he's a feral cat, I don't control who he hangs out with.

He was none to thrilled with his trip to the clinic and bolted the minute I opened the cage. But he came back for dinner a few minutes later. I worry about him in the winter, but he's fat and apparently happy, as long as you don't make any kind of move towards him. I think most of the neighborhood is feeding him, and he's a pretty good chipmunk hunter.

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