Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back in Mac: Scallops with Pea Puree, Crispy Pancetta & Gremolata

What a funky week. Finally on Sunday evening my PC locked up and refused to reboot for it's last time. I knew it was coming and you'd have thought I would have been backing up accordingly, but not so much.

I have (had) over 1,200 recipes in Mastercook, which I use regularly for personal chef dates, to print recipes and compile shopping lists. At this point the recipes serve mostly as reminders of what to do with a stray ingredient or two, which is sometimes inevitable when you are cooking the equivalent of Thanksgiving dinner and a small party in a strange kitchen.

I was also on call for jury duty. I didn't have to report on Monday, but you still have to pretty much plan your week around the fact that you might be out of pocket all week. My group was called to report on Tuesday. Of the nearly 100 people crammed in the room, there were three people that by 10:00 hadn't been picked; yes, one of the three was me. I was kind of disappointed actually. I was there, I was ready, I didn't get anything but a $5 parking garage visit for 2 hours.

Plus the time change, while I appreciate more than you know, the extra daylight, takes me awhile to adjust. So I just felt kind of funky all week.

Yesterday I went to the West Side Market and restocked the larder. I really hadn't cooked much in the last week and half after getting a nice little case of food poisoning from eating at a local restaurant. I didn't recall ordering the chicken sushi, but that's how it seemed.

So last night in honor of almost spring, I made a Fine Cooking recipe of Seared Scallops with a Pea Puree, Crispy Pancetta and Gremolata. The pea puree was simply some sweated shallots and garlic, then a little chicken stock and frozen peas cooked til tender. The recipe called for putting it in the blender; I used the stick blender. I found that after I pureed it that I preferred to have a little texture so I ended up throwing the rest of the bag of peas.

The pancetta (Bacon!!!) was sliced thin and baked til crispy. It was crumbled over the top along with the gremolata which was simply some chopped parsley and shallot with some lemon zest.

This one looks fancy, but really is easy enough for a week night.

The Geek Squad managed to back up my data off my old hard drive. I'm learning to use (and loving) the Mac, and I'm almost adjusted to the time change.

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