Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sometimes an inch makes all the difference

When I got home last night the last person I expected to see was Bruce. I expected to see evidence that he'd been here in the form of a backsplash, pot filler faucet, pot rack and drawer pulls, but not poor Bruce himself, still here at 7:30.

It gets worse. He is not a happy camper. He's muttering under his breath and clanging around like Mr. Parker in A Christmas Story. The drawer pulls are still on the countertop, with the X marks the spot painter's tape I left where each one goes. The custom pot rack is hanging, but not completely screwed in, making it obvious I didn't bother with a level when I hung the curtain rod.

It turns out he's been wrestling with the backsplash for about 3 hours. He got it installed and went to install the pot filler faucet and realized there wasn't enough clearance.

No amount of monkeying with it is going give the extra inch that's needed to get it under the range hood. The plumbing is in, the hole is cut in the custom backsplash. The only solution is to get a shorter faucet.

He is very much a perfectionist and prides himself it doing the highest quality work - and that's why I hired him, so I know he's kicking himself about the error.

But it's not the end of the world. It's fixable. So goodbye Belle Fouret Oil Rubbed Bronze fancy pot-filler. The only one I could find with acceptable clearance and a reasonable price is this Danze model in stainless steel. I just barely made the 60 day exchange with UPS delivered it Christmas Eve. I spoke with customer service today and they pleasantly handled the exchange.

The only unpleasant part was a little trash can treasure hunt. Bruce accidentally threw out the little piece of bubble wrap that held the fitting for the faucet. I'm just glad the trash was nearly full and I hadn't gone too crazy cleaning out the fridge, so I didn't have to go down to far.

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  1. Phew!! Glad you can fix your faucet situation. It is always something, isn't it?!


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