Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Number One Fan

It's been a busy week in remodel land. The exhaust fan finally arrived from it's Italian cruise (something I can only dream of, except Lido deck, please).

Bruce has had a couple of 'those' days. You know the ones where you've got the tools, you've got the plan, and everything you touch basically turns to crap? And one of the benefits of working alone is that you can grumble and mumble, and audibly express your displeasure, and most of the time no one hears a thing.

Weaver Sheet Metal also let us down. The backsplash and the pot rack were supposed to be done yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately they didn't answer the phone all afternoon and we aren't clear if they are open today. Kind of need the backsplash to get the fan and range in their final spots.

Custom shelves are ready to install. This is the one that will hold the dishes and the coffee pot.

The TV shelf is up. I fumbled around for a few minutes last night trying to hook it up after I got home from doing a dinner for two, but either I need a smart 8 year old or a different cable cord.

We're on the home stretch. Amen.

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