Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love is in the Air: Romantic Dinner for Two

One of my most popular (and fun to do) personal chef packages is a romantic dinner for two. I bring all of the ingredients and equipment and prepare and serve the meal in the client's home.

I also partner with licensed massage therapists who come to the home and do side-by-side massages for the lucky recipients while I am preparing the meal.

Last night's client was so sweet. He really want to do something special for his girlfriend's birthday. He arranged for a Lobster Gram then contacted me to prepare the lobsters and the rest of the meal. He was planning to take his lucky girlfriend for a massage prior to dinner, so he was really excited when I told him that I could arrange for the massage therapists to come with me.

He gave me free reign with the menu and I wanted to take the basic lobster sides and make them a little more romantic and special.

Appetizer: Fig Goat Cheese Crostini drizzled with White Truffle Honey

Salad: Organic Baby Greens with Rose Petal Vinaigrette & Toasted Herbed Garlic Bread

Entrée: Fresh Main Lobster with Vanilla Champagne Sauce

On the Side: Roasted Purple, Red and Yellow Fingerling Potatoes with Fresh Chives

Roasted Asparagus with Truffle Oil and Freshly Shaved Parmesan Reggiano

Cheddar Corn Pudding Soufflés

Dessert: Cointreau Chocolate Fondue with Strawberry, Banana, Angel Food Cake and Lady Finger Dippers

I picked up the rose flavored white wine vinegar at Home Goods (one of my favorite haunts), but it's easy enough to flavor your own if you grow your own pesticide free old fashioned roses. I combined the vinegar with a pinch of salt, a little honey, and some minced shallot then whisked in a little grapeseed and walnut oils. It tasted like love on a salad.

The Champagne Vanilla Butter Sauce for the lobster was suggested by a fellow personal chef who assured me that "You could put this stuff on worms and people would gobble it up". She wasn't kidding.

I left the Cointreau Chocolate Fondue in a mini fondue pot for them to enjoy after I left with fresh strawberries, banana, angel food cake cubes and ladyfingers.

It was really a pleasure serving them - they were so obviously in love they glowed. Love really must be in the air because I've had several inquiries for the dinner for two service lately, including a few gentleman who are ready to pop the question. Imagine getting engaged after being pampered by massage therapists and a chef in your own home!

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