Friday, February 20, 2009

Gadget Love: Wave Your Hand Automatic Soap Dispenser

While I agree with Michael Ruhlman in this post about anti-bacterial phobia (although I did have a shivery mental picture at the thought of my gym going nude - ack!), good sanitation practices in the kitchen are a must.

Food TV shows far too many celebrity chefs man (and woman) handling raw proteins with barely a cursory hand washing or wipe on a towel before moving on to other ingredients in a dish.

There's nothing like sitting through the Servsafe food safety training, usually given by health departments for restaurant managers, to really make you think twice about all the potential cooties and mishandling food can be subjected to that can not only make you sick, it can kill you.

When I am cooking, particularly for personal chef clients, I am prepping many ingredients for multiple meals at one time. It is very important to not cross contaminate any of the raw proteins with other ingredients, and keep separate cutting boards and do the prep in different areas.

Constant hand washing is also key and it really gives me the heebie jeebies to touch the soap dispenser with 'chicken hands' so I am constantly santizing the the faucets and soap dispenser so I don't accidently cross-contaminate.

The latest Tuesday Morning ad had a hands-free soap dispenser advertised for $20. My friend Debbie lives close to a store so she stopped by, but they hadn't gotten them in the shipment, but promised to call when they arrived. The store nearest me was sold out by the time I got there. Fortunately, Debbie's store came through and she picked up one for herself and one for me.

I just loaded it up with some soap and 4 AAA batteries and it works as promised. No more chicken hands....

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