Sunday, February 15, 2009

Freaky Food

I was stationed downwind of this freakish creation for six hours yesterday. Behold, the Grapple (say Grape - L), a registered trademarked creation that takes a perfectly good Fuji apple and does something unspeakable to it with "concentrated grape flavor and pure water", and promises it is not genetically altered in anyway.

Everytime someone walked by these quickly, a waft of grape bubble gum scent came my way - and I was nearly 10 feet away. Aside from the fact that the smell was pretty horrific, and the fact that the kids didn't seem the least bit interested in them, despite the lower shelf placement, they cost FIVE DOLLARS for four apples.

For the love of Pete, there were plenty of apples on display for $1.99 a pound, and thankfully most people were selecting them.

The product is being marketed as a solution to the childhood obesity problem by offering them a healthy snack, which is indeed admirable. But here's an idea: Buy some apples and buy some grapes, and resort to good old fashioned threats and bribery to get kids to eat them.

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