Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fine Cooking Issue 97 Challenge: Broccolini with Kalamata Dressing

Yesterday, in honor of Groundhog Day, my local organic market, Mustard Seed Market, offered a 15% discount for shopping in full head-to-toe groundhog costume, or 10% off for providing an 8.5x 11 picture of a groundhog at check-out. My groundhog costume is at the the cleaners, so I opted to take a photo.

One of the first things I spotted in the produce section was a package of broccolini, which looks like broccoli and asparagus had an affair that produced a strange offspring. Broccolini is actually a registered tradename which also goes by the name Asparation, which gets a little too close to sounding like you'd better be handy with the Heimlich.

I knew one of the Fine Cooking Challenge recipes was broccolini with a kalamata olive dressing, so I grabbed a package at $2.99.

I splurged on a nice looking strip steak. It was 32 degrees and brilliantly sunny, so it seemed warm enough to pull the grill out of the garage and cook the steak. Unfortunately, I ran out of propane before the steak hit the grill and I had to default to a search for a grill pan. Still no exhaust fan, so I had to open the window; fortunately I prefer medium rare so that doesn't give it much time to fog up the house.

I steamed the broccolini. The dressing was simply some fresh garlic, mayo, handful of fresh parsley, salt & pepper, and kalamata olives pulsed in the mini-food processor until it formed a paste. Delicious!

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