Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fine Cooking Issue 97 Challenge: Skirt Steak with Warm Radish Pickle

After a six hour shift pouring wine samples at Giant Eagle (Rosa Regale - an elegant sparkling red wine that's like roses and raspberries, and pairs nicely with dark chocolate), I was looking forward to coming home and completing the Seared Skirt Steak with Warm Radish and Red Onion Pickle that I started the evening before.

Traffic was brutually slow at the store, except for floral. They went all out - there was even a man playing guitar stationed near floral. I am working the demo at a different store; should be interesting to see the Valentine's Day shoppers in action.

I got a little piece of skirt steak at the West Side Market on Wednesday. It's a rarely seen cut of meat outside of butcher shops, and even a lot of the market shops didn't have it. Larry Vistein's is my go-to for beef, but he must be on vacation, so Vince's hooked me up.

The marinade was extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice/zest, dijon, honey, crushed red pepper flakes and garlic.

The warm pickle was quick and easy (I know you're thinking pickles? I'm not making pickles on a weeknight, if ever...but trust me, it really was quick and easy). I love radishes, and the ones I had were actually a little sweet, with no teary eyed heat twang that you sometimes get. I eat them raw as a snack with just a little salt. There was also a carrot, a small red onion, a jalapeno and apple cider and sherry vinegars, honey, coriander, and extra virgin olive oil. Five minutes on the stove and presto, pickles.

I seared the steak in a grill pan and was very happy that my new exhaust fan, although as loud as a semi at full crank, really does the job. I got a nice sear with a little char and it was perfectly cooked. On this one I wish I had gotten more steak so I could have leftovers today.

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