Monday, February 23, 2009

Fine Cooking Challenge: Pork Sandwich & White Bean Dip

I squeezed a couple more in today. This evening I made the White Bean Dip with Herbs. Couple of cans of cannellinis, half a package of cream cheese, squirt of anchovy paste; whiz in food processor and stream in a little olive oil.

Tasty. Had a little with some carrot and celery sticks.

The anchovy paste was my variation. I always keep a tube in the fridge. I detest the little critters in whole form, but stuff 'em a tube and I have no problem using it. It's the key to caesar dressing. You can always slide the paste past anchovy haters - they'll never know.

For lunch I had the pork sandwich recipe that called for a homemade slaw with capers, hot cherry peppers (I subbed banana pepper rings because I had some in the frig), and fresh herbs. Delicious.

The challenge has been a good way to test my new oven. I'm still not sure if the broil feature is working because I am used to seeing the element get red hot, but it seems like the temperature would melt the paint off the walls if I left the door open, so I think it's working.

I drug my winter chunky body to the gym today. All this cooking and eating has not been kind. Thankfully the cake is history and most of it is resting on other's thighs.

Bargain of the day. My visitors/sous chefs have all said they'd like a stool to sit on while there's work going on in the kitchen. I love Home Goods and it's good news/bad news that there is one a mile from my house.

I popped in for a minute this morning on my errand run, and look what I found on clearance. Originally marked $99.99, and marked down about five times based on the number of stickers.

Today's price $18.

No kidding!

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