Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fine Cooking Challenge: Create Your Own Soup

One of the 'recipes' in issue 97 is basically a formula to create your own creamy vegetable soup.

If you have the on-line subscription it brings up a page where you select what ingredients you want, starting with aromatics like onions or shallots, then you select your favorite vegetable and liquid and simmer 'til tender. Then you can print out the resulting recipe.

You can either put in in the blender in batches to puree, or take a stick blender to it and do it right in the pan on the stove.

I had leftover butternut squash and fresh ginger from yesterday, along with a cup or so of chopped fresh fennel. I added garam masala, chicken stock, and dry vermouth.

After pureeing, I finished with a splash of sherry vinegar and garnished with a little cilantro and toasted pumpkinseed. Yummy.

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