Monday, February 23, 2009

CSA : Support a Farmer Now, Get Produce All Summer

In the blur of remodeling and Fine Cooking Cook the Issue Challenge frenzy, it was almost easy to forget that the gardening season will soon be upon us. In addition to my own vegetable and herb gardens, I enjoy trolling the local farmer's markets during the season.

I was very excited three summer's ago to be able to join a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture program, which basically means you agree to fund your share of the farm at the beginning of the season, and in return you receive a share of the harvest weekly during the growing season.

The shares are designed to feed a family, so singles will usually do better to share with at least one other person. Some have work requirements as part of your share that really allow you to get down and dirty, so to speak, with your produce before it hits your plate.

I am currently a happy member of White House Gardens CSA in Sharon Center. Farmer Debbie Fox is offering some additional shares this year (most CSA's have waiting lists and fill up quickly). If you are interested drop me a e-mail and I'll get you the contact info.

I also recommend Basket of Life Farm and Baker's Fresh Produce and Honey.

Now is the time of the year to pay for and reserve your spot.

I picked up some discounted (40% off) seed packets at Marcs today. They usually have a Burpee selection, but today they had a couple of large NK displays.

I still need to get my tomato seeds ordered soon. I love, love, love the black varieties and for the most part you have to grow them from seed.

My secret plant source that has a pretty amazing variety is Hirt's Greenhouse, who also does a booming mail-order business. Check out the link for some of the unusual varieties they grow.

Think spring!!!

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